REVERT: Resilience without ViolencE, Resistance without haTe in Public Transport

For the participation in the research titled: REVERT: REsilience without ViolencE, Resistance without haTe in Public transport

The present consent form is directed to Public Transport passengers, who are invited to participate in the research activities of the program titled “REVERT: REsilience without ViolencE, Resistance without haTe in Public transport” (REC-RRAC-RACI-AG-2017) co-funded by the European Unions’ “Rights, Equality and Citizenship 2014-2020” Program and implemented by the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, NKUA, Athens Public transports Syn-eirmos, Al Masar and CMT Prooptiki.

Main aim of the REVERT Program is to explore and reduce the phenomenon of xenophobic and racist behaviour in the context of public transport through the utilization of conflict resolution and non-violence tools and enhancing resilience of both public transport drivers and passengers.

Participation in the survey is anonymous. Personal data management will take place in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and the regulatory framework on the protection of personal data, including Law 2472/1997 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

There will be no personal benefits from the participation in this survey. However, your participation will provide valuable information on the development of methods and practices to deal with xenophobic and racist behavior against refugee migrants.


For any questions about the REVERT Program, you can contact Lila Mastora at +306949953683 or


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